Monday, August 10, 2009


How silly and young I am. Though I have at least stopped believing I have anything at all figured out. Someday I must apologize to my mother for my presumptuous nature all these years, perhaps when my daughter is telling me how exactly things are.
Heavy, heavy heat today, hottest recorded day this year here, which I myself spent inside organizing and packing for the move. An awful thing, packing and unpacking. Especially the latter.
I must pack clothes and whatnot to last me two weeks staying with friends before my apartment is ready. Sarah and Mark have both generously offered for me to stay a week at each of their homes. I feel strange about being rootless for that time, while going to school and beginning my new job (Gap called today and told me I was hired). Hopefully all goes well.
Tonight I wish to sleep well. The past couple weeks have been devastating sleep-wise. Tossing and turning well into the morning hours, waking to a tired mind and body.
But tonight I'll try again, goodnight & sweet dreams.


  1. So glad you got the job, congrats. I'll have to come visit you. :)