Monday, March 22, 2010

twenty (& a day)

I turned twenty yesterday. I spent the day relaxing at my mom's house, we even went and got massages! (Alas, my masseuse was unfortunately not a muscle-y man with a wonderful foreign accent...her name was Louise.) I would very much enjoy being in love with a massage therapist. My Aunt Rhonda was in town, and her grandson, Jadon. He was the source of my birthday kisses and much fun. He watched the Harry Potter series with me all weekend, and was completely absorbed. He's two and a half now. I received an amazing trunk, which my mother and aunt re-did the inside of with cute fabric. I had to leave it there, and I didn't think to take pictures. Next time, certainly. I also received several of things from the Liberty collection at Target (I could have everything in that collection, it's so lovely. I'm especially coveting the kitchen canister set), and had very yummy cake!

wish making
strawberry slice

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It was a quite necessary trip home. Last week harbored a lot of difficulty, sadness, and sleepless nights. I don't always know quite how to deal with problems involving other people, especially other people's sadness. Any of my words sound hypocritical. But I'm not sure I can handle anyone else leaving, or trying to. There IS good here, lots of it. We just have to find it, every hour of every day.