Monday, May 31, 2010

scrap booking

Polaroid Love

Twentieth Birthday

I scrapbook quite a bit, though I don't blog about it often. Usually I feel silly telling any of my friends, as none of them would entertain the idea of sitting around making layouts into the wee hours of the night :) I also end up feeling very mommy-ish about my hobby, because I have been a nanny for several years, and many of my pages feature the kids. But these two are a couple recent, simple pages.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


This weekend was very busy and very fun, hanging out in three different cities with some good friends.
In Hickory, went on a little adventure, complete with sushi, walking downtown, finding swings, and getting ice cream.
wild like children
A. Choe
Carolina Theatre

Friday we headed to Hillsborough to surprise Justine. Justine works at a restaurant her parents own, Gulf Rim Cafe, in downtown Hillsborough, which is a very Stars Hollow-esque town. They celebrate "Last Fridays" on, well, the last Friday of every month, and downtown is blocked off to cars so vendors line the streets, art galleries are open, kids are running around, multiple bands are playing, and everyone knows everyone. Very cute, and I found lots of things I wish I'd had the money to purchase! On our way back from Hillsborough, what began as light rain turned into a torrential downpour, which stopped, of course, promptly when we arrived at our destination. It was great seeing everyone all together again, hopefully it'll happen a couple more times this summer!


Unfortunately, when I arrived home yesterday, I found out my kitten had been lost. Someone let her outside on accident, and she's been gone for three days. No one told me until yesterday, so I put fliers up around the neighborhood last evening. I don't know what to do. I love Bea to death and it's so strange without her meowing all around my feet.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


My notecards arrived from Cathie!
thank yous
Loveeee them! ♥

Saturday, May 22, 2010

galaxies of dreamers

once upon a time in a parking lot, a conversation was held over the endless possibilities of galaxies and life and explanations for it all, including an undeveloped theory of life being somewhat like a videogame, in which one jumps down the tunnel at the end and is on the next level. the suggester of this and many other wonderfully crazy theories also once stopped his jeep at a red light, got out, and waltzed to the classical music on the radio.
nice little memories.

L. Shook

Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm so excited!
I won a giveaway by Cathie of the beautiful blog ampersandity!

I've won these lovely hand-calligraphed thank you notes, they're adorable! Maybe now I'll finally send out birthday thank yous, hmmm.. Thank you, Cathie!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


So, last weekend I went to a farm in Conover for something called Insurgent Fest, where lots of bands played and lots of people I've known for years were hanging out for the day/night. I went with Christa, Hawke, and after much convincing (we're talking..putting his shoes on for him), Christa's brother Randy, and a bottle of very cheap whiskey.
Roadside Waiting
Slight addiction to tootsie pops and blow pops lately.
A few posts ago I mentioned a trunk my mom and aunt gave me for my birthday, and talked about taking pictures of it, so here it is:
Isn't that cute fabric inside? I've got a thing for boxes. I have lots of them and they hold a wide array of things. I'm a little bit compartmentalized.