Sunday, May 30, 2010


This weekend was very busy and very fun, hanging out in three different cities with some good friends.
In Hickory, went on a little adventure, complete with sushi, walking downtown, finding swings, and getting ice cream.
wild like children
A. Choe
Carolina Theatre

Friday we headed to Hillsborough to surprise Justine. Justine works at a restaurant her parents own, Gulf Rim Cafe, in downtown Hillsborough, which is a very Stars Hollow-esque town. They celebrate "Last Fridays" on, well, the last Friday of every month, and downtown is blocked off to cars so vendors line the streets, art galleries are open, kids are running around, multiple bands are playing, and everyone knows everyone. Very cute, and I found lots of things I wish I'd had the money to purchase! On our way back from Hillsborough, what began as light rain turned into a torrential downpour, which stopped, of course, promptly when we arrived at our destination. It was great seeing everyone all together again, hopefully it'll happen a couple more times this summer!


Unfortunately, when I arrived home yesterday, I found out my kitten had been lost. Someone let her outside on accident, and she's been gone for three days. No one told me until yesterday, so I put fliers up around the neighborhood last evening. I don't know what to do. I love Bea to death and it's so strange without her meowing all around my feet.

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