Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The best part of Raleigh thus far? Locopops.

window seat
My favorite flavor to date is Spanish Vanilla Cream.

Monday, August 16, 2010

summer's ending

Neglect. This and several other little things have been suffering my neglect this summer. For instance, my bedroom has been, more often than not, quite a mess all summer, which is so strange for my compulsively organized self. However, the small neglects served as a trade off for some really great times spent with friends in the past few months. I reconnected with a handful of people whose company I feel I missed out on the past several years. Tomorrow I'm moving to Raleigh, and I feel that I'm part of friendships that will follow each of us for some time, however different the places we find ourselves this year may be.

It's been a whirlwind summer, what with transferring universities, the countless phone calls and emails to different people necessary for said transfer, figuring out a living situation (with my aunt, uncle, and 2 year old cousin for the time being) and finding a job in Raleigh (re-hired with Gap at the Crabtree Mall), being a nanny for two boys, ages 7 and 5, driving all over the state, and still finding time to spend with my new kitten, to don mustaches and go out for a friend's 21st birthday, time to spend at playgrounds late at night, time for conversations and baking and finding comfort in falling asleep beside another body.
Each time I gave thought to blogging, I decided against it. Rather than fall asleep before 2a.m., I stay up reading the lovely blogs of strangers, and theirs are satisfying enough. I haven't kept up with flickr either, my pro account expired and I don't mind.
But as the summer is officially ending and a brand new semester in a brand new city begins the day after tomorrow, I thought I'd mention a few things I loved this summer.

1. finding a new kitten
As of now, his name is Ollivander.

2. meeting new people and hanging out in Hickory

3. Vanessa! (& mustaches)

4. precocious 7 year olds (and their siblings)
summer girl

5. all the neat things to find on pinterest (and "pinning" away!)

6. scrapbooking like mad

7. forgetting a bit more every day

8. cherry vanilla slushes from Shell's BBQ in Hickory (oh, how I miss thee each school year)

9. jamming to Girl Talk and the Glee soundtrack while driving (have I mentioned I'm of the singalong variety?)

With any luck, this fall will be crisp and romantic and lovely.