Monday, August 16, 2010

summer's ending

Neglect. This and several other little things have been suffering my neglect this summer. For instance, my bedroom has been, more often than not, quite a mess all summer, which is so strange for my compulsively organized self. However, the small neglects served as a trade off for some really great times spent with friends in the past few months. I reconnected with a handful of people whose company I feel I missed out on the past several years. Tomorrow I'm moving to Raleigh, and I feel that I'm part of friendships that will follow each of us for some time, however different the places we find ourselves this year may be.

It's been a whirlwind summer, what with transferring universities, the countless phone calls and emails to different people necessary for said transfer, figuring out a living situation (with my aunt, uncle, and 2 year old cousin for the time being) and finding a job in Raleigh (re-hired with Gap at the Crabtree Mall), being a nanny for two boys, ages 7 and 5, driving all over the state, and still finding time to spend with my new kitten, to don mustaches and go out for a friend's 21st birthday, time to spend at playgrounds late at night, time for conversations and baking and finding comfort in falling asleep beside another body.
Each time I gave thought to blogging, I decided against it. Rather than fall asleep before 2a.m., I stay up reading the lovely blogs of strangers, and theirs are satisfying enough. I haven't kept up with flickr either, my pro account expired and I don't mind.
But as the summer is officially ending and a brand new semester in a brand new city begins the day after tomorrow, I thought I'd mention a few things I loved this summer.

1. finding a new kitten
As of now, his name is Ollivander.

2. meeting new people and hanging out in Hickory

3. Vanessa! (& mustaches)

4. precocious 7 year olds (and their siblings)
summer girl

5. all the neat things to find on pinterest (and "pinning" away!)

6. scrapbooking like mad

7. forgetting a bit more every day

8. cherry vanilla slushes from Shell's BBQ in Hickory (oh, how I miss thee each school year)

9. jamming to Girl Talk and the Glee soundtrack while driving (have I mentioned I'm of the singalong variety?)

With any luck, this fall will be crisp and romantic and lovely.


  1. What beautiful sentiments- I can almost taste summer in your words
    hope your move goes well!

  2. Cherry vanilla Sundrop slushies. I am doing everything I can to get one again before I move thousands of miles away from its sweet tastiness. Oh, and I have a feeling that that is exactly what autumn will bring this year. :) Good to read you again.

  3. Erica - Thanks so much, your blog is lovely, by the way!

    Caitlin - Please get one before you take off on your adventure. Although, they're no longer made with Sundrop - it's Mountain Dew :(

  4. I got a cherry vanilla sundrop slush before I left. I made sure of it.