Saturday, October 30, 2010

birthdays and the like

My friend Vanessa turned 21 last week & we celebrated with raspberry sourcream cupcakes (#25 from this site)! 

happy birthday

raspberry cupcakes


make a wish

This cool pup was outside Helios cafe a couple weeks ago, made me laugh :)

lookin' cool

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So many happenings in the past month or so. Here's a little photo update of my life:
Kat & I went to Kenly at sunrise one morning to take photos of the perfectly blooming cotton fields.

cotton sunrise
insulation installation
cotton sunrise, september

My friend Sarah had a beautiful baby boy named Jack.
brand new
tiny feet

And this weekend my friends Myranda & Ben were married. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and wonderful, just as they are. I wish I had taken more photos, but I felt strange since someone was there for the purpose of photographing the event.

wedding goers
aww moment
newly wed
There are more photos of the past month on my flickr, but those are the highlights. School is kicking my butt, fall break started today, at 11:05 for me. I had lunch & coffee at Helios with Sarah and baby Jack this afternoon for Sarah's 20th birthday. Tonight I'm going to see Deer Tick in Carrboro with Vanessa & Kat, should be great.