Saturday, December 25, 2010

end of autumn

Being so busy with work & school the past couple of months, I never posted about my visit with my friend Lauren at Wingate University. Lauren & I go back quite a few years and always manage to have some sort of adventure when we're together. The day I spent in Wingate was a gorgeous Autumn day spent by a pond, at a hilariously terrible opera, and with friends for a Thanksgiving potluck.

little acorn
crisp autumn
Lauren's color wall
Lauren loves Audrey, turquoise, peacocks, music, owls, and black out poetry. Oh, and we love champagne.
I also had two little kitties for a few days this month. My friend Suzanne wanted to give her daughter, Ollie, kittens for her 3rd birthday and I found a couple in Raleigh. They were adorable and fun to have around, I know Ollie loves them and that they love their new home.

sun kitty