Thursday, November 24, 2011

bath cocktail IV

I suppose this isn't a cocktail, since I didn't mix anything, but it was a lovely bath nonetheless! Golden Wonder is one of the prettiest bombs I've seen; I love demoing it in the store, and I had been waiting for a good time to try it out at home since we got our Christmas product boxes. Yesterday was my first day off in a week, so it was certainly bath worthy. Usually citrus isn't my first choice for the tub, but the lime oil was refreshing, and the cognac gives it an excellently champagne-like scent! All the gold lustre & little stars melt away into a total mermaid bath. Plus, the bomb has pieces inside it that rattle when you shake it, just like a present - that's legit.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

tuesdays for lush girls

roommate + champagne + bubble bath

typical tuesday pick me up

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

warmer days

It has been unusually warm the past couple days (a welcome peculiarity), & when I've managed to escape the mall, I've been sitting on the porch or sipping iced vanilla lattes at Cup a Joe. I love the tall glass & spoon waiting for you to mix to perfection.

Klaus, however, does not love being outside as much as his constant escape attempts suggest. He spends the whole time frantically at the door.

Monday, November 14, 2011

bath cocktail III

blue skies + so white

Today I got to sleep in rather late & lounge about, catching up on shows on hulu & taking a nice bath before work this evening. I'm hooked on a new show called Once Upon a Time, & as you can imagine, it's based on fairy tales, but with a twist, of course. So I thought I'd watch the newest episode while I warmed up in the tub..multitasking at its best. The Evil Queen & Snow White are central characters of the show, and I chose my bath cocktail in honor of the pale princess herself. 
So White is a bath bomb with a yummy apple scent (fitting, right?), created with rose, bergamont, neroli & orange blossom. Since there is no "apple extract," the scent has to be made synthetically, & this combo is pretty perfect. Also, cool fact: neroli is known to increase the production of serotonin! I'll take all the happiness I can get in the wintry months.
Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds is a spicy & herbal bubble bar, made with patchouli, cinnamon & frankincense. Snow White ran away to the woods...see what I did there? It was a lovely crisp apple + woodsy soak.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

bath cocktail II

I managed to snag a Calavera, our Halloween bath bomb, before we sold out & I finally used it. Calavera is "skulls" in Spanish, and the bomb was meant to embody the Day of the Dead, with it's bright colors & marigold petals. My bath was neon green & the lime scent was perfect for an awakening morning soak.


October flew past. Cioffi turned 23; I made him a pumpkin cake with pumpkin cream cheese icing (which dinosaurs promptly ruined...the cake definitely didn't just fall apart), and we went to the state fair to celebrate with whiskey on the ferris wheel.
Lush had a halloween party & witch hats were involved.
We carved some cute pumpkins (& recently smashed them to bits with a baseball bat. one of the single most therapeutic moments of my life). 
I believe we all dressed up at least 3 times for Halloween parties & festivities. My friend Dylan & I went as Chuck & Ned from one of our favorite shows, Pushing Daises. I so wish we had better pictures; lots more people than we expected knew exactly who we were!
And somewhere in there, my little brother turned eighteen..I feel ancient!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

bath cocktail I

Being a bath lover, I am fortunate to work at Lush, where there exist endless possibilities for my bathtub enjoyment . This apartment tub may not be the least bit amazing, but I use it all the same, once or twice a week for a soak. There is nothing quite like reading in a warm, yummy smelling, brightly colored Lush bath. I usually take photos of my baths, just because each bomb is so pretty as it's dissolving, & I thought I'd share those here!
I've been using mostly seasonal bath bombs & bubbles lately, getting in the spirit & all. They're festive & warming, and of course they smell delicious. Abombinaball is one of my favorites. Vanilla + peppermint with blue luster & white frothiness. I dropped a Butterball in as well, because, well..I just love it with pretty much any other bath product. I relaxed with a book of Robert Frost poems - his name alone makes him a perfect companion to a wintry bath. Too strange to match reading material + bath theme? Yeah? Oh, okay.

New York

 At the beginning of October I took a Mega Bus to New York with two of my friends, Dylan & Cioffi. It was a pretty amazing trip, especially compared to my the only other time I've been when I was in high school. We drove to Fairfax, Virginia where Dylan grew up and met some of his old friends. From there we took the metro into DC to hang out before our bus left at midnight. We went to a bar called Galaxy Hut, where most of the beers are 10%+ (even I, who absolutely hates beer, found a delicious maple one) & boarded our bus perfectly tipsy. We arrived in NY bright & early around 5am, and began the longest day of our lives, walking around the city until 2am the next morning. 
We passed the slumbering occupants of Wall Street on our way - lots of tarp-wrapped people, & signs protesting just about anything imaginable. We drank our weight in coffee & ate too many bagels. We went to a Stoli vodka flavor release party at the Hanky Panky Lounge for free. We went to Coney Island & rode the worst ever ferris wheel. And we had a great time. I shot a couple rolls of holga film & took too many pictures on my iphone.

Monday, October 17, 2011

New York in instagrams

Coney Island fun

Occupy Wall St & Strawberry Field

Nick Cave's art work in the meat packing district