Saturday, April 9, 2011


I turned twenty-one on the twenty-first of last month. We discussed last week in my editing class that one simply does not write out ages. It's 21 years old, not twenty-one. But I simply don't appreciate this rule, because I like the shape of words & twenty-one just LOOKS pretty.
Anyway, I can drink legally now. I can go out for drinks like a real adult now. It was a nice birthday: dinner at the Cheesecake Factory + cupcakes + wonderful presents from wonderful friends, including a bag of Lush goodies. (I could spend hours just inhaling the aroma of a Lush store. I even put in my resume a couple weeks ago, though they're not hiring at the moment.)
I even wore heels for the evening - something I rarely do.


I got a new tattoo about a month ago, as well. It's white ink & near invisible, but I love it.


  1. Happy birthday!

    That tattoo is so gorgeous! I love it so much in the white ink, it's so subtle and beautiful.

    I am sorry about your kitty. I understand how you feel <3333333333