Thursday, November 10, 2011

bath cocktail I

Being a bath lover, I am fortunate to work at Lush, where there exist endless possibilities for my bathtub enjoyment . This apartment tub may not be the least bit amazing, but I use it all the same, once or twice a week for a soak. There is nothing quite like reading in a warm, yummy smelling, brightly colored Lush bath. I usually take photos of my baths, just because each bomb is so pretty as it's dissolving, & I thought I'd share those here!
I've been using mostly seasonal bath bombs & bubbles lately, getting in the spirit & all. They're festive & warming, and of course they smell delicious. Abombinaball is one of my favorites. Vanilla + peppermint with blue luster & white frothiness. I dropped a Butterball in as well, because, well..I just love it with pretty much any other bath product. I relaxed with a book of Robert Frost poems - his name alone makes him a perfect companion to a wintry bath. Too strange to match reading material + bath theme? Yeah? Oh, okay.

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