Thursday, November 10, 2011

New York

 At the beginning of October I took a Mega Bus to New York with two of my friends, Dylan & Cioffi. It was a pretty amazing trip, especially compared to my the only other time I've been when I was in high school. We drove to Fairfax, Virginia where Dylan grew up and met some of his old friends. From there we took the metro into DC to hang out before our bus left at midnight. We went to a bar called Galaxy Hut, where most of the beers are 10%+ (even I, who absolutely hates beer, found a delicious maple one) & boarded our bus perfectly tipsy. We arrived in NY bright & early around 5am, and began the longest day of our lives, walking around the city until 2am the next morning. 
We passed the slumbering occupants of Wall Street on our way - lots of tarp-wrapped people, & signs protesting just about anything imaginable. We drank our weight in coffee & ate too many bagels. We went to a Stoli vodka flavor release party at the Hanky Panky Lounge for free. We went to Coney Island & rode the worst ever ferris wheel. And we had a great time. I shot a couple rolls of holga film & took too many pictures on my iphone.

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