Sunday, July 7, 2013

birchbox, june

Last month I received my first Birchbox! I've been hearing good things about it for a while & finally decided to give it a try. Admittedly, the real selling point to me is that, once a month, I get a package of goodies in the mail - like sending myself a little surprise! For $10 a month, Birchbox sends you 4-6 beauty product samples tailored to your preferences + a couple extra things for fun. You can review them and/or purchase them on the site & earn points towards future purchases. I figure if I remember to make myself coffee at home in the morning 3 extra times a month, it's paid for! ;) This month's box was nice - I was impressed with the packaging/branding alone. I think I'll stick with it for a few more months & see how it goes. I thought I'd share little reviews of the products I tried as well.

I actually really liked these; however, I only got to try them together once, as the conditioner sample was teensy. The shampoo by itself isn't spectacular, but it's nice (and the sample size was great!). They left my hair detangled & soft, and my curls were pretty defined & bouncy. They weren't too heavy, as many "frizz-reducing," "moisturizing" hair products are, and I even liked the scent - fresh & lightly floral. $52 is a lot for a shampoo & conditioner combo, especially for 8oz of conditioner...I tend to go through that pretty quickly. As far as non-natural hair products go, I think they were good ones to sample, though probably not ones I'd buy.

Okay. If this stuff wasn't $41, I would totally buy it. I loved the scent & it fought frizz without making my hair oily. It worked on its own, even though it's marketed as a 3-part system, and it worked as a styling product for wet hair, making it feel soft & manageable,  and also as a finishing product on dry hair, taming fly aways & adding definition. The sample was a small packet, but I used it 3-4 times, so a little goes a long way. If you've got the extra room in your budget - totally recommend. 
Embarrassingly, my general "hair styling" involves going to sleep with wet hair & in the morning, fixing sections with a straightener (which I use as a curler). I wish I had diffused my hair & actually styled it after using all three products together to see the results, but I didn't plan ahead well. 

As far as finishing powders go, this one is nice. It doesn't get cake-y or dry, it leaves skin matte but luminous, and it's truly translucent. The sample size has quite a bit in it, though the packaging requires you to tap some out on to a surface before picking up with a brush. I wasn't disappointed or terribly impressed. I already use a Lush finishing powder & it's way cheaper and feels pretty similar + is handmade as close to natural as possible. So maybe if I was realllllly in the market for this specific type of product, I would consider it, but I usually reserve foundations + full-coverage powders as my big ticket makeup products. 

While I very much love certain perfumes, I don't like the idea of a body lotion/wash/scrub version of a perfume at all. There are just too many chemicals for it to be moisturizing! I also don't care for overwhelmingly scented perfumes such as this one, so this product was simply not for me. I will say that I did wash my hands with it to feel the texture, and it was a nice scrub - gentle enough & sudsy.

I received the coral color in my box (my favorite of the four!) & I quite like it. It covers well with 2 coats, and all the colors are very summery. Plus, $8 for four isn't bad at all!

The extras this month were cute little travel/city postcards that fit the wanderlust theme. Since I love sending mail, they're perfect!

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