Thursday, July 11, 2013

diy decor: nursery

Whenever I am in undecorated spaces, or rooms decorated in the perfunctory, yes, I-suppose-we-need-curtains-and-a-framed-painting-of-a-sailboat-on-the-wall kind of way, I can't help but imagine how the space could look - how it could resonate personality & style in the comforting way the rooms of our homes should. As a nanny, I spend a lot of my time in the homes of others. More so than my own, in fact. And I come to know these homes & families in an intimate way - I'm a part time family member, really. So I often think about how the rooms of a house portray the family, what they say about them.

A family I've worked with since February of last year, since their daughter was 2 months old, moved into a new house last summer. They're a wonderful but very busy family, and home decor is understandably not at the tip-top of their priority list. So one day a few months ago, hoping I wouldn't be stepping over any of the invisible boundaries that exist in the nanny world, I decorated their daughter's nursery with a few DIY projects. It cost next to nothing & really brightened up the tan room which previously had only pink curtains & some black flower decals decorating it. (And luckily, the parents like it, too!)
Inspired by this post Anabela of fieldguided wrote for frankie magazine, I made a glittered feather mobile, with the feathers hanging from an embroidery hoop. I watercolored ombré shades of pinks & peach for bunting, and did a simple painting of birch trees on kraft wrapping paper. After finding three inexpensive frames at Target, I went through my scrapbooking paper and picked a couple sheets to frame with the trees. A few simple, budget friendly projects that can be done in one afternoon & make all the difference in a sweet baby's room. 

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