Sunday, July 7, 2013

fourth of july + beach

I was fortunate enough to be invited to spend a few days at Topsail Beach with Sarah & her sweet family last week, and it served as very much needed relaxation time. We stayed in a gorgeous house right on the beach, and we all did whatever we pleased whenever we so felt like it. We didn't take many photos, or carry around phones/cameras much at all, as we were busy reading on the beach (Daniel chose The Old Man & the Sea, Sarah, Lord of the Rings & I, Tell the Wolves I'm Home), swimming in the ocean, biking to amazing bistros,  watching the neighbors' seemingly unending supply of firework displays, & drinking lots of yummy drinks. I think we all left refreshed & in the vacation haze that's difficult to convince yourself out of once you're home. Perhaps my skin soaked in enough sun & my hair tangled in enough salty wind to last me through another couple days...
Incidentally, Sarah just started her own blog!