Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New York City, vol. 2

Last month I took a whirlwind trip with my friend Brittany to NYC to see The Postal Service play a show I'd bought tickets for in January or February, right before they released North Carolina tour dates (just my luck!). Seeing a band that hasn't toured in a decade play in NYC is infinitely more cool than seeing them in Raleigh, though, right? I think so. After an 8 hour flight delay, we were in the city for just under 40 hours. Just enough time to see two friends who recently moved to Brooklyn, Mat & Kat, and see an amazing concert together. The Postal Service is one of those bands whose songs fill me with nostalgia and memories and I couldn't help smiling while I sang along with so many other fans who I think were feeling much the same way.
 The whole visit went by too fast. We had drinks at a cozy hole in the wall bar called Barrio Chino, where the menus were handwritten on cardboard. We passed by 30 Rockefeller Plaza and I was reminded of how much I miss Liz Lemon and 30Rock. We went to the Brooklyn Flea and I added a locket to my collection. We brunched at the most delicious chicken + waffles place, Sweet Chick, and it beat out Raleigh's Beasley's by miles, with their amazing 90s playlist & perfect drinks & of course, food. I managed to make a stop at Momofuku Milk Bar, which I was a bit obsessed with trying after reading about it in multiple posts on Meg Fee's beautiful blog + seeing it on her "where to eat in nyc" list
As she says, "When you’re out and about and in the mood to explore a neighborhood with a latte in hand, this is the place to go. Get their full-fat latte and a compost cookie." 
So I did. And miced latte was amazing, and even though I was sick & shouldn't have, I split a compost cookie with Kat and it was worth it. I even got myself a stamped frequent customer card, because it was cute & I wish I could in fact be a frequent customer. And then all together too soon, as it always seems, it was time to return to Raleigh.
Until next time, New York.

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