Friday, August 16, 2013


Both over & underwhelmed. Exhausted. Lately it's a combination of these things. My new job & the accompanying schedule have been taking a while to adjust to. I had really begun to take weekends for granted, and it's difficult to find enough time in the day for anything outside of the office. But it's new, and I'm learning, and slowly but surely, I'm adjusting. 
I do miss being a nanny. So much. There are few more gratifying jobs - the only one I've found that consists of at least 20 kisses & I love yous & cuddles a day. And naptime. Oh blessed naptime. 
But I suppose sometimes it's time for a change. Sometimes life knows it's that time before you do, and the changes that just seem to happen, the ones that you can't seem to control...maybe that's just life telling you it was time.
The past couple days have been a foreshadowing of the fast approaching September weather, even a little chilly. It's wonderful. Last week I could hardly stand the sticky heat, down to a t-shirt & panties the moment I got home from work. Now I sit here in leggings & a wool sweater, cozy and comfy. If life could always, or at least mostly, be September...I think I'd be alright.

How could I not miss that face?

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