Sunday, September 8, 2013

these things

there's this imaginary world i feel i was lead to believe with first dates & men who bring flowers.

there's this feeling i can't kick that i'm living the wrong life. what if my soul entered the wrong body, at the wrong moment?

there are these places in my life, reserved for people i'd have thought would've filled them by now.

there's this overwhelming knowledge that i need to be doing good in this world, that if i don't feel that i am, i fall asleep knowing i don't think it's all even a bit worth it.

there's this desire to change everything, and it's battling the desire for perfection - they can't coexist & where do i start?

there are books i should be reading & songs i should be listening to live, these things i should be making & words i should be writing, and i'm not.

there are these ideas...all these ideas & lists & plans.

and it's everything. everything all the time.